Summer Crafts For You !!!!


As the season changes, craft vary with it too- summer crafts are always best for lazy afternoons where you can end up trying something artistic. These little to-do crafts are fun and creative way to personalize your empty spaces.When it comes to summer craft you can make it a part of your afternoon get together activity with kids and friends, because creativity is fun.

Wonderful DIY brings variety of designs which can be used for your indoor and outdoor activity to kill your boredom. When you have a summer party in your garden you can craft out some activity game.Here are some ideas about the same:

  • Decorate your Garden: Use magic bottle which will be an attractive part for the kids, you can also marble paint stones and embellish your gardens with it. Paper lanterns are also a beautiful easy to-do craft which can be decorated as well.







  • Games for kids:Tic Tac Toe with marble stone with gives a total summer look to your party. There are lots of gorgeous craft but this little play on is loved by kids. Another creative thing which I loved a lot is bubble wands, bubbles are loved by everyone and are mostly adorned by kids. So, why not create a little bubblewands as our take-home fun activity.


You can also try sweet and simple things which can keep your children busy during their summer vacations:

Straw mobiles: It is an easy kid’s craft where they can play and learn with it. With this activity they can learn about balancing and the center of gravity.

DIY mixed up beads and paper folded bracelets: These little cute stuffs can grace the hands of your baby girl, when kids paintings gets piled up you can cut them to make beautiful bracelets. Play with beads and thread to give a fancy look to your hand bands.

Enjoy these little ideas and have your MUM & KID happy hours together in these lazy afternoons.

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