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Antiquity & You..


The good old time is back and we don’t groom only girls.

This time its antiquity and you, hereby we welcome our men readers. In the past, one has to buy a magazine in order to catch up on their latest style tips but now, the regular people are the new influencer in the fashion industry and it is the great way to catch up on the latest styles and grooming tips.

Gentlemen out there: be bold to announce your favourite old-time apparel you would like to wear. It’s only you who will set its own style statement.

“Be the perfect artist of your own style.”

Muddiness and ruggedness is always an eye catcher for a stylish piece and possesses all the masculine character in you. You will find jackets, denim and leather goods that last lifetime, complimenting your bike riding look littered around the sites.

Giving your look a cool feel of heritage-look is never a bad option. You can say out loud what the story behind your heritage look is; follow up your idol’s appearance with the little modern creativity for yourself.This look is the most desired one in the fashion world and it’s similar to opening a Pandora’s Box, so keep experimenting and creating the style you like.

Choose your statement:

To get yourself the vintage-look, start on with the picking up your own favourite Era. Each era will have its own distinctive style. You can get versatility in your wardrobe with these old times look, like in later half of 20th century tends to go better with a contemporary wardrobe, these earlier century smarter styles are now in popularity.

The wear:

Mix it well to get the best flavour out of it. One should not feel that you have time travelled forward to this century. Mix your vintage look with the contemporary pieces as well. You can freely experiment with the antique look of yours; it always welcomes you for the trials and errors. Vintage shirt with denim jeans will always favour your look.

Support the look:

Try the essentials which will favour your own favourite era of style with elegance. A brown strap old-look watch will complete your attire without any doubt. Choose between a bow and a tie because it’s your style. Completing your look and balancing it, all is in your hand. Which look do you want to flaunt, the 1970s or 2017?

The Vintage Footwear:


This may confuse you with- what’s right and what’s wrong. When you are in the middle of nowhere while deciding your look: go flawlessly with rough and muddy converse shoes. To step in for more smarter route, picking up a pair of winkle might be favourable for those who are aiming to pick up the look from the 1970s.


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