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Attention all the designers out there: your season has approached. Spring and summer bring all the bright and soothing colours to your life. Let the colour shade symbolize the prettiness of your home. As the colour of the outside changes from gloomy grey to perfect sunny and pastel, our interiors also request a bit of a refresh. Celebrate the trend of this season and make your space blossom like never before.

“Home is where you hang your heart with Creativity.”

This season’s top home trend is out and the décor you have to look forward is delightful. Give your home a new energy with your new creations and the colour tones. Bring Strength to your house with colour Blue, Freshness with colour Green, Positivity with colour Yellow, Success with colour Orange and Love with colour Red. Reenergize your lovely home with these colours, bring positivity and love with an equal balance of shades yellow and red. Your wall demands colour blue this season which symbolizes strength, thus making your home the better stay for your loved ones. Just think of modern acrylic accents, glimmering copper and bring soothing colours to your life to stay cosy even when the temperature warm-ups outside.

Depending on the season your home needs makeover as well- just like you, feel your interiors brighten up just as much as the weather outside.


Acrylic is the craze this season. Web-search for the acrylic décor has increased more than 50% and it won’t be a fib if I say that acrylic furnishes your home with the best look. Images are floating on the net from modern tables to the floating photo frames. Even your room with a small space demands a strategic look with this acrylic furniture.

Welcome the Color blue

This season brings a shift of colour from that old-look of matte black and crisp white colour scheme. Even though there is no shortage of love for minimalist Scandinavian Design but this season designers are turning their creativity towards the colour blue- navy and deep blue tones are in.


Let’s take a step ahead of gold and silver. Give your space new innovating looks with glossy look of copper. Use of copper in every stage of décor is versatile and thus incorporates a fashionable accent to it. Let it flourish your home with glamour from the kitchen to your dining tables. A touch of tablescape with copper vase will make its own statement.

Marble Wallpaper


Marble trend will never go out of style it will always be an eye catcher. This design will always be the one key to your heart. This costly design may bring downfall in your account but you must have an expensive touch of it. The accent wall of marble wallpaper is stylish and gives an unexpected touch which is reasonable.


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