Home Decor- Transform Your House Into A Home


Take a look at your home. Is the flooring all worn out? Dull and boring walls adorned with unnecessary photos and showpieces? Well, it’s time to transform your Home Decor to make your boring house into a ‘HAPPY PLACE’. Home decor has been influenced by social trends. Earlier in the western world, the middle-class home was merely a place where one could enjoy family life, raise their children and sometimes invite friends and visitors. Therefore, home decor and interiors of a place helped to demarcate public and private areas of the home

Home Decor consists of many elements of design, kinds of flooring used to how the furniture is arranged in each room. Irrespective of your taste, you can use different combinations of color, furnishings, and structure to make your home practical, comfortable and welcoming. Furniture and design can only take you so far, though. A beautiful house, no matter how well it’s designed, will only make a difference when we choose right home accessories.

From art collections, wall clocks, lamps, and lights, wall decor, home accents to seasonal decorations, home accessories are what give your home personality and character. Whether it is your grandmother’s china set in your dining room or your favorite family photo over the fireplace, it’s the home decor accessories you choose that distinguish your house from your neighbor’s and make you feel like you’re really home.


The difficult part is choosing a right mix of wallpaper, furniture, and accessories that blend in well with everything. You can start by deciding what kind of look and mood you’d like to have, then choose the elements that help reflect that concept. When choosing furniture for your living and dining room, it’s important to pick timeless, functional pieces that fit your space and budget. When designing a home it’s always important to pay attention to small details, like the texture or color of the floors or the way the pattern from the wallpaper matches the furniture.



The ways people decorate and furnish their homes, and the objects they choose to display reveal a lot about their values, aspirations, and tastes. We at ShoppingKart24 bring you a wide range of products that will help me elevate the aesthetic value of your “home sweet home”.

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