Accessories: A Tangible Touch…!!!


There is a slight difference between a man and a boy. With a little attention on-“what to wear” will gift you with a complete transition to becoming a well-dressed man. When a guy starts to pay attention to his grooming, he is way better than anyone can think of. Men don’t really flaunt what they wear nor do they change their bold look with dress colour. It’s their accessories which speaks it all.

Accessories play the similar role in terms of male and female. The main goal is to mildly accentuate what you are wearing- Not to draw all the ridiculous attention towards it.But we all know that for men, wearing and accommodating outfits with accessories happens much less frequently than it does to women.

Let’s have an example of what we really mean: A guy wearing a sleek white shirt with a grey tie giving a mesmerizing touch with a silver watch, will add a nice pop up to an outfit. The extremely important reason to understand the grooming of self with the accessories is that wearing a wrong one may undermine your look.

There are 2 most important guidelines mentioned below, which you must keep under consideration when you shop men’s accessories.

Be consistent-

Stay consistent with your look. Try not to show it off with oversize kinds of stuff like- some giant watch. The best way to be consistent with your look is to be what you are and what suits your personality. Whatever you wear and compliment it with must go smoothly with everything.

Accessories and colour combo-

The place where most of the guy stands out as a failure, colour combo is essential for add-ons as well. With right touch of colour, you can embrace your overall look in a totally different form. For example- leather brown shoes approving later brown strap watch. You can definitely play with different colours as well but you got to have a better style judgment.

Few of the important essentials that men can carry-


Adds on the classic look- A watch can subtly compliment the outfit and add the class to the appearance. The simple watches are best for the formal look.



Accessory with necessity- Wear cuffs on occasion with an add-on bonus. There are many variations with varieties are present. Choose the design and colour according to your personality.


Tie clips-

With a sleek look, a tie clip will set a perfect style statement. Gold and silver are always acceptable and good-to-go with.


You want to go rough and are bored with your perfect formal look than these wristbands are perfect for you. These are a perfect replacement for watches they will definitely add flair to your outfits but won’t give clumsy look.



                                                                                                                                       By Arushi Nagar

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