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Face of Fashion has Changed....!! - Shoppingkart24 Blog

Face of Fashion has Changed….!!


Revolutionary in Fashion World is welcoming the variation with great pace. As we stand in the midst of changing fashion Trend, we hereby experience a variety of new phases-which are appreciated. Now, as we are ready to play with the experiments in every sector, fashion is always on the priority list. Hence it ends up being the trendiest part of social media.

Fashion has showcased many new faces in last few years but one thing which prevailed commonly was that they were all fashion models. Even the Ambassador of big companies is Celebs or Models. The beauty curves which are admired by the boys & girls. They are represented as the role model for customers, thus building a trust factor. Let us take an example one of an advertisement on water purifier which is done by Hema Malini, we as fan have faith & trust on our Celebrity , so we start admiring the same product as well.

In recent time it won’t be a fib, if I say gone are those days when only the beautiful curves and faces were selected as an ambassador. Year 2016 has shown a ground-breaking change and fashion world has been in controversies because of this. Beth Ditto has proved that even “fat girls are in trend”; she is being spotted at fashion shows and placed on the cover of Love magazine.It is important for fashion world to embrace and celebrate a myriad of shapes. Stereotypical fashion modeling has faced new challenges. After welcoming plus size, the social media went crazy about such a revolution and now most of the brands have started admiring the extraordinary beauty.

Flawless skin, a perfect figure and a beautiful face- just a few things most of us would connect it with an Face of Fashion label. But Lakme has taken a step in a total different direction- acid attack survivors has become the face of fashion label. These initiatives taken by the fashion industry is inspiring the young generation to praise and admire the way they are. Body shaming is now excluding from our society after this new revolutionary change.

‘2016’ has already stated its identity with such a change and now ‘2017′ is not even an inch behind. “The disabled Fashion Show” held at New York has shown the rare sight in there runway.


Change-That’s what the real industry today wants in terms of fashion, art and culture.

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