DIY Gift Box!!!


Have you ever tried of handmade boxes when it comes to gifting? With a little effort you can make your gift a heart-felt one. You can pamper your special one with a paper work. It is super easy to learn crafting these gift boxes.


Lot of different idea prevails through which you can design a Gift Box! Daily life stuffs like paper, fabric or old shopping boxes can do wonders, it can be re-crafted with a little decoration. These little items are the favorite ones as these are inexpensive. You can even create themed boxes as a return gift for Halloween, Wedding or Birthday parties. Try adorning it with different paper cutting, the way you like it.

Making these little Gift boxes aren’t messy, indeed it is fun to craft these boxes. Origami Boxes are preferred the most because they are easy to make and not at all disorganized, it’s just like puzzle where you end up constructing an attractive designed box.

The second one which I am going to mention is really interesting one, making boxes out of waste or completely recycling the old products. Decorating glass jars with emoticons and giving it a fancy look for the kids can act as an impressive gift. Jars can be filled up with cookies and chocolates before gifting them. Remaking of different old shopping boxes is what you all must be very well aware of but creating a box using match boxes is an eye-catcher. Small match box look really cute with small little things in it- this will be one of the great small gift.


Well, your ideas with Gift box will continue till you stay innovative. Here the most interesting one among the all, TP roll. There are so many different idea related to it, you can wrap it with a ribbon to make it look like a pill Box or decorated it with embroidery. It’s your turn now, which idea would you prefer to treat your special one!

By Arushi S Nagar


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