Indian Artisans: Crafting The Brand India


Handicrafts have taken birth just as a hobby of few people making use of locally available materials but soon it turned into a passion – to sell locally made stuff. Indian Handicrafts hold their roots way back from the Indus Valley Civilisation and since then, this arena has just been emerging stronger day by day.

India is known to be an agricultural-driven economy but if there is anything else that drives that economy of this country apart from farming and agriculture, then it is the art and craft-the Handicrafts. In fact, it is so widespread that the Government ensures to include this sector in their financial planning and growth scope in the five-year plan. In the 12th plan, it has been estimated that this segment will contribute about 18% annual growth rate to the economy.


Categories of Indian Craftsmen

In broad terms, the Handicrafts Industry has two types of Craftsmen:

Skilled Craftsmen – They are generally self-employed. They either are born with the skill or study the skill they have interest in, for example, pottery. There are tons of artisans who learn the art of making pots and they fall under this category. They can either take this up as their full-time service, or they do it just for their hobby and passion as part-time.

The wage workers: They are the full-time artisans who earn their livelihood by making handicrafts. For instance, those people who make baskets out of hay and straw and sell them to the businessmen come under this category. They may not be the final sellers of the product but they are the ones who have made it from scratch.

Government’s Contribution To The Earning Of These Craftsmen

The government has been investing to revive and support this sector. Directly through Government initiatives like Digital India, or indirectly through Non-Profit Organizations, a lot of people have come forward to support these skilled and talented artisans to earn a good income through handicrafts.

This profession has been lucrative and there are people who have been successful in making big money through this. E-commerce has caught great eminence, and today, a lot of people are opting for this online medium to sell their handmade products. Tourists from different countries come to India and take home the pride of brand India through Handicrafts.

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