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It’s not very hard to believe that fashion repeats itself with time. While talking to our grandmother’s we usually realize that we have the same pair of shoes as she use to wear in her young days and sometimes while seeing our moms college pictures we say- oh! I have a similar pair of boot cut jeans. Also our fashion designers keep taking us back in time as we see a lot of vintage looks on the runway designed with eternal grace. Look around and you will find this 80’s trend followed by all the fashionistas in the most uber cool ways. We are talking about Choker Necklaces which is the most fashionable accessory in trend today. Choker necklace is perfect example of the 80’s which has come back today with the biggest bang and has become a wardrobe essential for each one of us. Choker necklace is one fashion accessory that can be styled and carried in a lot of ways and it gives a sexy touch to any outfit.
While we definitely know the vintage and 80’s quality about them, chokers also gives a sexy and a slightly grunge, edgy, flirty, fun & unique vibe.

In less than one year, necklaces have taken a total 360 degree turn, from extra long pendants to the opposite end of the length spectrum: chokers encircled tightly around the neck. It’s surely very easy to see why this fashion accessory is so appealing because it can be pulled off from a cool-girl vibe to 90’s grunge and it doesn’t interfere with your outfit.

Sometimes it can be little difficult to pull this look,so here are few tips that will help you to style it well-

  • If you want a Boho kind of look then wear a flowy printed dress with ankle length boots and add choker necklace to complete your look. Your Boho look cannot get stronger than this.
  • For a vintage street style look wear high waisted pants with a crop top and add those round sunglasses. Complete the look with a black choker necklace.
  • To make your choker necklace a statement accessory in your look, go for the multi layer choker necklace.
  • To make your boring professional outfit look cool and fun, add a choker necklace to your button down shirt & trousers.

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By Nikita Khemka



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