Timeless Classics……


Never have that “I-have-nothing-to-wear-I-hate-everything” moment again when you add these classics to your wardrobe..Every woman’s closet should have these timeless pieces as they are super functional, flattering, and stylish. Classics are those fashion products that never goes out of style and change in fashion and trend doesn’t really affects its importance in our wardrobe.So,if you want something to splurge on without feeling any guilt later, these are the fashion products you should go for without giving it second thought. Here is the list you can bank upon…

1. Black pumps

Flip-flops, sneakers, and loafers are all good, but the most important is to have a pair of basic black pumps. Dressing up everything from jeans on date night to appropriate office-wear, well-made black pumps extend your wardrobe and they last forever – so focus on quality, and remember that you can always repair your shoes if necessary.

2. Trench coat

There’s a reason trench coats have been in vogue and other fashion magazines since the late 1800s.A trench coat is structured yet comfortable,lightweight yet waterproof, and a classic statement in any neutral color. Add this over just about anything to complete the outfit.


3. A Tailored Button-Up

Nothing looks as classic as a well tailored shirt when paired with jeans or a skirt. It also makes for a great layering piece under sweaters, increasing your wardrobe options. While a white button-up is the most classic, don’t shy away to experiment with patterns and colors.


4. Blazer

A basic, black blazer is simply a must-have for any closet.  It’s the fastest way to look put-together and polished. Ask me what item of clothing I’d keep if I had to give everything else away, and I’d definitely say my blazer. You can just team it up with anything. Wear it with jeans and heels while out with friends or use it to tone down a cocktail dress. All thanks to a classic cut, blazers are super flattering for any figure.


5. A Little Black Dress

Every woman should have a little black dress – they can be worn to work, dressed up for a date, and dressed down for casual wear. LBD always looks classic,crisp , and fashionable – no matter what.


6. Denims

Jeans are a staple for just about any woman’s wardrobe, and you can never go wrong with a classic pair of denims. A good pair of denims can be worn for years and still look like you bought it on your shopping trip yesterday.


Dressed up or down, they always look classic and on-trend.

By Nikita Khemka

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