Mixmatch Fashion..


Hey guys! You will be amazed to know that this season has brought the most startling revolution in Fashion Industry to your doorstep. All this season the mixmatch fashion will be trending. Gone are the days when pants gave the company to shirts, kurta to pajamas and stilet toes to one pieces during parties. But the coming trend showcase that the best suited couples is on a break and are now out looking for the new ones.

The most shocking thing which I came across was the skirts and one-piece complemented by the sneakers, well in my weirdest of the nightmare I won’t find it comfortable but still this new innovation is going to be in great trend. The painful stilet toes have its own grace but the girls prefer comfortable look. Recently Sonakshi Sinha was spotted with this look on the show of Kapil Sharma. So this season will you dare to try this look?

This Mixmatch fashion has not only put down its nerve to shoes and dresses but it has even publicized it creativity in terms of accessories. These tiny little things are also in the vicinity of creations, not-so-matchy is getting its popularity. Same pairs of earrings are off trend now, when we have such a beautiful collections of earrings, why not mixmatch the look into a classy and simple version of it.

Mixmatch fashion has it grace in ethnic look as well. We were very well aware of the highlighted blouse trend with a simple-looking saree but now ladies are ready to carry abruptly different colored blouse with their saree. Well I think those days are not far when different colored eyeliners will be in fashion as well.

Let’s wait and watch girls! What more challenges do fashion world will throw at you.

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