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Gujarat & Rajasthan


From the roads of vibrant Gujarat & desert of traditional Rajasthan, we bring you the most trending fashion accessories of this year. This time it’s all about the handmade bags, it varies from Jhola bags, Hippi ones to Tribal ones. Earlier these bags were popular as traditional accessories only in the states of Gujarat & Rajasthan. So I have decided to name it as Gujarati & Rajasthani bags. This year these ethnic bright colours will be trending in Indian Fashion Industry. Their bright colours not only sooth its charms with the season but also with different wear.

When you are on a vacation relishing the cool view of a beach, these bags are always good-to-go with your outfit. Even if you are dressed in western wear like one piece or bikini, these Jhola bags will give you the classy look-to-go with. Mix-match fashion will be trending this year and so are these traditional accessories. It will turn to be easy and simple with every look of yours.

Gujarat & Desert of traditional Rajasthan

Tribal look is so much trendy these days. Fashion got inspired by tribal print, motifs and it is getting crazily followed. These bags have now become the fashion statements. The different kinds of embroidery and embellishments did on the bag make it look fab!Each one of them is unique in its own way. Mirror works, coins and shells hangings give them a total traditional but a tribal look which is being crazily loved by all.

To get a perfect gypsy look Hobo bags must be welcomed. The creativity done makes it one of a kind which inspires me. Fashion is all about creativity. Colored beads and various multi-colored fabrics used in these bags attract most of the bright eyes. Form oversized to mini clutches these bags are loved in every way. Increase in worldwide love and popularity for these bags make me proud because this little creativity of our local vendors is getting the deserved value.

Gaining popularity of these bags in Fashion Industry proves that the creativity is appreciated with its true value.

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