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Handicrafts – The Pride of India - Shoppingkart24 Blog

Handicrafts – The Pride of India


The origin of Indian Handicrafts dates back to almost 5000 years ago. This began during the Indus Valley Civilization, where people crafted the Vedas and artisans started making pottery and involved themselves in weaving.

Today, we have numerous creative sides of this art form of the country. People from far and wide come down to the nation and take back a part of India that is represented in handmade crafts. The Handicraft options include Jewellery, bags and other decor items, woodwork and the list goes on and on. Below, are the most famous products from this sector:

Wood Work

As the name suggests, this decor item uses wood to make a various household or decoration products. Mostly, Sal trees, Dudhi and Sheesham tree are used to crave in wood. Popular items in woodwork include religious idols, mirrors, furniture, tables, trays and chests.

Metal Jewellery

The State of Orissa specializes in this. They use mirror works and metals like silver to make beautiful ornaments. To be able to make these, the artisans beat silver into thin fine wires and then heated to convert them into the desired shape.

Terracotta Work

The word Terracotta is a mix of Latin and Italian word, where Terra is Latin, which means Earth and Cotta is Statue. This means that these statues are made of soil. The craftsmen, today, are experts in this and can make almost everything using soil.

Silk Weaving

The South Indian regions are popular to deal in this handicrafts option in India. They use silk to weave a lot of things – Bags, clothes or decoration materials. We also have mats made of silk or similar fabric. Each embroidery and design on these are hand woven.

Textile and fabrics

This comes from the State of Gujarat, where the clothes are made of local textiles and fabrics like handloom and bandhej. They use a lot of bling and mirror work to make the clothes really eye catchy. You also have tons of different patterns and designs in their clothes. You can get bags and accessories with the same materials too.

Woollen handicrafts

The Northernmost state, Jammu and Kashmir is famous for the pure wool they get there. They use this to make amazing shawls. The Pashminas from this material are quite famous and people from all over the world, travel here to invest in these.

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