Dress Your Casuals With Panache!!..


Era of attire is changing and we are welcoming this vogue with both hands. Gone are the days when only formals can get you the classy look. With a little creativity and a right choice of what to wear, one can enhance the look of casuals.

To get the ideal look, men must dress up enhancing their masculine appearance, girls go crazy for that. Wear a single shade Tee or stripped Tee, it gives you the look to be remembered. Toned body must wear a slim fit Tee for the handsome look. Down below the T-shirt, when it comes to jeans, one must avoid low waist baggy jeans; straight one is in.

Slim fit Tee

Straight Jeans

Muddy shoes



Well if you think that women doesn’t notice what you wear below those stylish pair of clothes then you are wrong. Women do notice your shoes! Wear a pair of brown sneakers/loafers; this will make you look sharper.


with brown strap

Men’s Watch

Streetwear Scarfs










If you want to enhance your personality wear a watch or a leather band. Which accessories you want to add on will help you to create your own personality. Don’t end up wearing lot of accessories hence making your look messy. Wear what is classy and what makes you look smarty.


                                                                         A perfect combo

T-shirt goes to our brain when we talk about casuals and shirts for formals. But even shirt can do the job in casual out fits, simply tuck out your shirt to make it look messy but smoother. It’s your choice men, with which outfit you want to play.

                                                                                                                                     By Arushi. S . Nagar

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